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What Are the Safest Loft Conversion Stairs

When planning for your loft conversion stairs, it is vital to think about safety. Also, you need to comply with building regulations when installing the stairs for your attic. If you already have existing stairs for your attic, then you can consider leaving it as is. If you do want to have new stairs for the loft conversion, then the two most important things to keep in mind, aside from safety, is how it looks, and how it functions.


Spiral And Floating Staircase

safe loft stairsSpiral staircases for attics are not uncommon. They are pretty to look and they also save a whole lot of space. The downside to a spiral staircase if that they do not provide enough passage room. When there are emergencies, it would be harder to get down a spiral staircase than the traditional stairs. In terms of practicality, it is also harder to pass through spiral stairs even when you are not in a hurry. Floating-step stairs are also very aesthetically pleasing, but are not recommended when you have children running around in your home.


Traditional Staircase

best attic stairsFor your attic conversion stairs to be safe, you need to make sure that it provides enough access to the attic itself. If you have enough space, the traditional stairs would work well because they already comply with regulations and they have a safe width for passage, especially in case of emergencies. Ladders and retractable stairs are not as safe, so it’s best not to go for those. You should also make sure that there is enough headroom for the landing. Wooden stairs are the easy choice, but you can also go for metal stairs for a different style. Glass stairs is another option if you want a more modern design.

Your safety is the very first consideration when choosing your loft conversion stairs. You don’t want to have any accidents or make it hard for someone to get out of the house in case of emergencies because of the stairs, but you don’t have to compromise beauty for safety either. There are a lot of ways for your stairs to be both safe and beautiful.

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Posted on Sat February 21st 2015 by Dream Loft Maker

Do You Need Planning Permission For Loft Conversion

home planning permission-2

Converting your loft can bring so many benefits to you. It will raise the market value of your home. It will also give extra space for a new room that you need in your home. You will also have an additional unique touch to your overall house. But the question is, do you need planning permission for loft conversion?

The answer is: it depends. You actually do not need a planning permit if you satisfy certain criteria. Meeting these standards may sound like it limits the possibilities of what you can do with your attic, but you can actually still end up with a great loft conversion outcome as long as you plan your project well.

So, when do you need planning permission for loft conversion?

If you’re planning on doing a mansard loft conversion, which means that you will extend your roof extensively through slanting your roof to 72 degrees, then you’ll need planning permission. If you’re planning a hip to gable conversion, which means converting the hip of your roof into a gable, then you’ll need permission. Also, if you’re planning a dormer conversion, which means extending the loft outwards, then you’ll need permission.

Aside from those 3 types of loft conversions, you also need to avoid some roof extension types so you won’t need a planning permit. For example, the materials you will use to build your new loft should be the same as the materials used for your house. If you’re going to extend, you shouldn’t include a veranda or balcony. Also, the top of your extension should be lower than the original height.

Based on your current loft conversion plans and these considerations, do you need planning permission for loft conversion? If you need permission, then you have to decide whether to push through with your plans or change it to avoid needing planning permission.

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Posted on Sat February 14th 2015 by Dream Loft Maker

How To Budget For Attic Conversion Costs

Prices for converting attic
The economic downturn of 2008 has affected so many things in so many ways. One of these is the price of real estate. Moving to a new home has become more expensive than ever, and people are now afraid to invest in a new home. Aside from just the property itself, you will also need to consider the cost of moving all your things from your current home to the new one. If your reason for planning to move is because you need more space, then a solution to this would be to just convert your attic. It will cost less, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving. But, what are the attic conversion costs that you have to consider?

Convert Your Attic Into …

When converting your attic, you have many options to choose from. Consider what you need and want the extra space for. If you have a new baby on the way, then you probably need a nursery. If you realise that you need a place at home where you can work, then you can create a home office out of your attic. If you want to have a place for your guests, then transforming your attic into a guest room is a great idea. If you want a new and better master’s bedroom for yourself, then you can have a master’s suite right in your attic. You can also turn your loft into a game room, a home theatre, a play room or a library.

Out of all the available options, choose what you want and what your house needs carefully before you even start to plan your budget. What you want your attic to turn into will play a big role on your attic transformation costs.

Elements To Consider …

cost and budgeting an atticOnce you have decided what you want to turn your loft into, you can start with planning your budget for the project. There are a lot of elements that you need to take into consideration when converting your attic. The main ones are the size of your attic, the number of actual rooms that you want in your attic, and the features that you want your new attic to have.

You also need to consider the structure of your existing attic. Does it have a full or a half terrace? Is it in a corner of your house? Does it cover the full size of your house? Knowing your current loft’s structure will help in finding out what additional work needs to be done during the conversion.

Also, in planning out your attic conversion costs, your location plays a big role. The costs of labour and materials are cheaper in some places, and significantly more expensive in others. If you live in big cities, for example, you should already expect to spend more. While you can always buy materials from other places that sell them cheaper, you will still need to hire a builder in your locality.

Start Estimating …

loft conversion budgetOne way to estimate the costs of loft conversion is by the size of your loft. The average cost of attic conversion is £20,000 + and the average attic size is 200 sq. ft. With these numbers, you can already get an estimate of for your own conversion by computing how much it costs per square feet. Remember that the number would be significantly higher for more expensive areas.

You can also get an estimate by asking a professional loft conversion firm to give you a quote. The initial quotes are usually free of charge, and you don’t have to make any commitment just to get a quote. The estimate attic conversion cost they provide will be for the full project already, including material, labour, lighting, and any additional features.

Do It Yourself Or Hire The Professionals …

Converting your attic yourself is very possible, although you have to keep in mind that it will take a lot of your time and effort. If you budget properly, you could actually end up with lower attic conversion costs by doing it yourself than hiring a company to do it for you. Hiring professionals would generally cost more because they will provide you their services as a package. They will do everything from start to finish.

It is important to remember that a DIY job not done properly would result to an attic conversation that does not look good, and it may also cause your home to be of less market value than it could have been if the conversion was done correctly. Hiring a professional team to handle things for you is a safer way to go.

Things To Spend On …

The specific things that you need to spend on would vary greatly, depending on what you want your attic to turn into, but there are general items to include in your budget plan. The number one thing to budget for is the actual building work. This pertains to the actual structure of your attic. Will additional walls need to be installed? Will additional windows or doors have to be built? The stairs or entry point to your new loft also needs to be accounted for.

Aside from the structure, you’ll also need to plan for the costs of the plumbing and lighting of your new attic. You will also need to spend for paint, glazing, heating, etc. Then you have to budget for the new furniture that will be used. If you already have some extra furniture in the house that will work for your attic conversion purpose, then you can use those as well.


Doing it yourself and hiring a professional company to do it for you have their own pros and cons. You’ll have to decide which one will better for you. Just remember that the attic conversion costs aren’t the only thing to consider when making this decision. The most important thing is that the result would be a loft that you and your family would love.

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Posted on Sat February 7th 2015 by Dream Loft Maker

Should You Attempt A DIY Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great project to undertake. You can turn your loft into whatever you want or need – a new bedroom, a library, an entertainment room, a nursery, etc. It may sound a fun project when you start thinking about it, but can you actually pull off a DIY loft conversion properly? There are many things to consider when planning to convert your attic. Knowing what these things are would help tremendously in your decision of whether to do it yourself or hire a professional firm to do it for you.

Planning The Layout

One of the first things that you should do for your DIY attic conversion job is to plan out what you want your attic to turn into. If you want it to become a new bedroom, then you should decide on a layout. You should also think about adding a bathroom or any other additional features. If you want to turn your attic into an entertainment room or anything else, then plan out the arrangement so you know exactly what is feasible in your attic space.

Setting A Budget

Once you have a concrete plan, you now have to think about your budget. Your plan should always fit your budget, not the other way around, or else you’ll end up with a very high cost for converting your loft. Set a budget and stick with it so you don’t overspend.

Shopping For Materials

With a plan and a budget in place, the next step is to shop around for materials. To make sure that you get the best deal out of your purchases, you’ll need to shop around and compare prices. This may take a bit of time and effort on your part, but it will be worth it because buying the first thing you see means you’re missing out on better deals.

Hiring Contractors

Hiring builders, plumbers and electricians is still a good idea when attempting a DIY loft conversion. These are things that need to be done by experts because if you do it wrong, the effects would cause you more money and even more inconvenience.

Shopping For Furniture

Shopping for furniture is the same as shopping for materials. You have to shop around and find the pieces of furniture that work with both the plan and budget that you have set for your DIY attic. You also have to keep in mind that the space you’re working with is limited. You need to take measurements before purchasing furniture.

Converting Your Loft

converting loft yourselfOnce everything is prepared, you’re now going to deal with the actual work of converting your attic. You can do a lot of the work yourself, but you may want to hire contractors to help you out with more complicated tasks. A DIY attic job should be done properly for your attic to turn out the way you want.

Making The Decision

With these considerations in mind, you can now make the decision of whether you want to do a DIY loft conversion or if you want to hire a professional company. Doing it yourself means you have more control and you will probably have a lot of fun with it, but you will also need to invest a lot of time, effort and energy. When you hire a loft conversion firm to do it for you, they will take care of everything from the beginning to end of the project. You really don’t have to worry about anything once you’ve hired a company. You will have a great new loft with minimal stress and frustration.

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Posted on Sat January 31st 2015 by Dream Loft Maker