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Loft Planning And Design



If you are looking to enhance your current home or you just need more space at your current property, converting your loft is a very sensible solution. You will find plenty of advice online; and there are many companies to choose from to help you convert the loft space at your home into something which provides more benefit to you and your home. It is important to remember that there are a number of steps involved with loft planning and design, so be prepared to have a number of responsibilities to take care of when converting your loft.
Loft Planning And Design
With respect to converting your loft, you will normally not require planning permission, but there are some exceptions to this ruling.


You may need planning permission if:

  • Your property is listed
  • Your property is located in a Conservation Area
  • The new space is over 50m³
  • The dormer moves beyond the existing roof’s sloped plane
  • The dormer reaches a higher point than the current highest part of the property


You are looking to include side windows that are non-obscured glazed windows and/or at a height of lower than 1.7m above the floor level

If your property is in breach of any of these elements, you will require planning approval, but many property owners will find that it is of benefit to clarify their position before starting. No matter if planning permission is required or not, there is a need to obtain building regulations approval, so there is a need to carry out paperwork at the start of the process.

The designs for your new loft are vital


It may be that this stage has to be concluded after you have designs drawn up, and of course, this is a highly crucial component of the loft conversion process. Ideally you should be turning to a professional firm for support in this manner as this will provide you with the best chance of creating the design that is right you.

It is best to think about the purpose of the new space in your loft, and what you are looking to do with the converted area. If you have a specific purpose in mind, it may be that a particular style or layout will be of most benefit to you. When it comes to obtaining the most amount of space in your new loft, a dormer style loft is the best option to rely on. You can carry out research online of all the different loft conversion types and what style of windows are available, but working with an expert will save you considerable time, while receiving advice on what works best in certain situations.



If you are instructing builders, you want to ensure that they have suitable and correct plans to work towards. You also want to ensure that they use the most effective supplies to provide you with a loft that will suit all of your needs. In the North East loft conversion prices and costs can vary depending depending on what you need, and the quality of the company doing the conversion. Always be wary of companies offering a “one stop fixed price” in their adverts.


Working with the experts provides peace of mind

There is nothing in the planning and design process that cannot be completed by an individual, but you have to think about whether this is the best solution for you. Hiring a professional will always incur a charge, but you obtain their experience, their expertise and their knowledge of the situation. Peace of mind is always important in life and when it comes to something as important as converting your loft, it does make sense to rely on the experts for support.

If you are based in Newcastle or the North East, calling on our company Dream Loft Maker is the sensible approach to ensuring you have a well-designed loft that is perfect for your needs. This is something that we take a considerable level of pride in, and we work hard to ensure that you receive the best guidance and support for any project you decide to start. There are many problems to be overcome with respect to loft planning and design, which is why calling on the experts for support and guidance will always leave you in a better position.

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